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All the delicious greek things

If we are talking about Mediterranean cuisine then you have to mention Greek cuisine. It is well known by its wide use of olive, herbs, vegetables and lemon juice. When it comes to meat we can say that they use all kinds of meat. Greeks are well known for eating pork, rabbit, poultry and also lamb. You will find all kind of dishes and different combinations on Greek’s house tables.

greek-salad-276x300And most magical ingredient is definitely cheese. They combine it with almost everything. It goes perfectly with wine and olive. Their cheeses are well known all over the world. When we talk about vegetable eggplant is very popular and they prepare it in different ways. They prepare it in the oven combined with mincemeat. They call this dish Moussaka and it is very delicious. When it comes to desserts, their cuisine is very similar to Turkish. Like in Turkey, people in Greece usually use filo pastry combined with a lot of nuts and honey. They are really delicious.

The best thing about Greek food is that it is very easy for your stomach. You can dance right after your meal. It is so tasty and still very easy for your digestive system. On the other hand, it is very healthy because olive oil is one of the basic ingredients in Greek cuisine. And we all know how healthy it is, keeping in mind that desserts (even when Greek) are not as healthy as your traditional salad or seafood. With that said, in the summer on Mykonos island, you can find some great restaurants with healthy treats. Why not add some cake sparklers or sometimes known as dessert sparklers to spice up your moment while having an amazing diner in such a majestic place.

The best thing about Greek cuisine is the fact that the food is always fresh. They eat a lot of fish and they prepare it in so many different ways. And the best thing about that is the fact that fish and seafood in general is always fresh and tasty.
If you are not a fan of sea food, you should try their other specialties such as Gyros and Souvlaki.
ecc515f5bd0b8c9124f8d84a4b5f2002 The best thing about Gyros is the fact that you can choose what kind of meat you want to put in it. You can choose chicken, beef or both in it. And they are cut into small pieces and mixed with fried potatoes. If you put a famous Greek salad called Tzatziki the test is out of this world.
Souvlaki is the second Greek specialty that I personally recommended. Although we are talking here about Greek fast food this is something you definitely shouldn’t miss. The ingredients are small pieces of meat and vegetables. It is grilled on a skewer and served with so called pita sandwich. If you want you can garnish it with sauces or fried potatoes. When the type of meat it is about we can say that they usually use pork but sometimes they put chicken or lamb.

Whether you are going to eat Greek fast or regular food you can’t make a mistake. This country is full of meals for every taste. It is a land of food, fresh food which can’t be bad. When we talk about cakes the first time when you try filo pasty will make you an addicted.

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